Ted masterfully weaves together intriguing melodies and arrangements, various guitar flavors and tones, and clever, sharp-tongued observations and commentary” - Jim Price

PA Musician on "The Lost Season Sessions Vol. 4: Let It Burn"

The Lost Season Sessions Vol. 3

Waiting for the Cavalry

"The Lost Season Sessions captures Ted McCloskey's observations, emotions and perspectives during this tumultuous and challenging period of history, and the Waiting for the Cavalry chapter translates into music the anxieties and aggravations as he – and we – all wait for the COVID saga to finally get behind us. This series further establishes Ted as a master musical craftsman."

This album displays a grittier, guitar-driven edge to underscore our turbulent times.”

PA Musician on "The Lost Season Sessions Vol. 2: Madness and Monotony"

The Lost Season Sessions Vol. 1

The Big Pause

"He delivers some of his strongest songwriting here; his words intelligently convey feelings and emotions that he and many people have experienced during the past several months. His melodies and arrangements connect, and his constant nuanced blend of modern and traditional musical flavors keep this album sounding fresh from start to end."

The songs themselves are elaborate compositions, which may seem like something simple to write but it’s an important qualifier because McCloskey’s music is the result of what must be a clear vision. One of the Centre County’s most prolific songwriters is in the midst of a wave of inspiration.”

Centre Daily Times on "The Lost Season Sessions Vol. 1: The Big Pause"

Baggage And Bloodlines

from the Centre Daily Times

"The album is absolutely beautiful.'

A thoughtful and captivating mixture of rock, folk and blues that digs deeply into melancholy themes of personal baggage.”

PA Musician on "Baggage and Bloodlines"

Last Flower Standing

from PA Musician

“Ted McCloskey has established himself as one of the state’s most prolific artists. Last Flower Standing adds another captivating snapshot of his musical mind and artistry, and adds another colorful chapter to McCloskey’s stunning overall body of work.”  

Undoubtedly speaks from the heart, even when it appears otherwise. It excels at immediately pulling in the listener.”

Centre Daily Times on "Last Flower Standing"

Sea Foam Green

from the Centre Daily Times

"Underneath confessions of self doubt and tragic loves, McCloskey purveys restrained, controlled rage and a burning passion for his craft through his tortured voice and lyrical content. Ranging from the literal to the more surreal, McCloskey blends his own unique mix of affection, anger and acceptance to deliver his strongest album to date."